About Vedic Art

Vedic Art - Intuitive Painting

Vedic Art does not teach you how to paint, but is a method of self-development through creative expression.

Asia Prusinowska is an Extracopmetitive Vedic Art Teacher accredited by the official Vedic Art School in Oland, Sweden.
She teaches how to naturally open your heart, how to awaken your intuition and maximise creativity with the transformative process
of art. 

The knowledge of Vedic Art is based on Vedas, originally taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This modern method has been found in Sweden by fine artist Curt Kallman (1938-2010). The program supports freedom, integrity, respect and the process of finding our unique inner expression. Vedic Art supports equality between students and teachers, it does not belong to any religion. The method is not related to any specific art style and is open for everyone. No previous art experience is required.

An important part of the method are The 17 Principles. The origin of the Principles are the great oral tradition of ancient India. They cannot be found in any written source. In Vedic Art`s method the Principles are used as important steps tought in the order from 1-17 and are used as essential aspects of the method. 

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