Healing Fibre Art - Course

Felting as a therapeutic process and holistic material

The aim of the course is to promote wellbeing and positive change in individuals and communities throughout felt-making process. After seven years of research and experimentations with fibres I have discovered correlation between the process and an emotional health. I found complete balance when I work with fibres as it becomes a meditative experience where I can completely loose myself. I believe that through colour, texture and felt-making process we can tap into our deepest emotions and thoughts, we can access our very source, unleash our spirit and express ourselves. 

When words are not enough, we turn to colours, images and symbols to tell our stories and in telling the stories through art, we find pathway to wellness, recovery and transformation. I believe my role as a Fibre Artist is to help people use fibres and the felting process not only for self-exploration and understanding but also for enhancing wellbeing.

The program has been carefully created to use felt-making process in expressive, holistic way, by introducing in easy, understandable steps materials and felting techniques. It is offered to almost anyone who has basic motor skills.
Non-artists have a great success with felting because the process itself creates an artistic, craft product. 


The framework of the course integrates elements of Art and Colour Therapy, transpersonal approach, mindfulness and principles of positive psychology. The process of felting helps to discover the deep core of your essential self. Working with symbolism and metaphors build and expand on an individual's qualities, their spirituality and self-development.

Mandala Fibre Art
Preparation for the course
Course requires 7 Workshops (2-3h) to be completed.

Price of the course:
£210 UK (materials included)
1000zł Poland
- Merino Wool (at least 7 spectrum colours)
- Soap
- Towel
- Apron to protect clothes
- Rubber Gloves (if you have sensitive skin)
The course is for you if:
- You are feeling stuck with your life and looking for a change
- You are having trouble verbally expressing yourself
- You are suffering from anxiety, depression, grieving or low self-esteem
- You are a hands-on person, who love working with colours and texture
- You want to find a new way to express yourself, learn how  to translate your emotions into unique piece of fibre art
- You would like to become more creative, spontaneous, and intuitive in  every part of your life
- Or simply, you would like to learn new skills, meet new people and  have a good time