Vedic Art - Course

During Vedic Art course you explore 17 principles of creation.
The principles are kept secret and can be only pass to the student by oral Vedic tradition - from heart to heart. This magical, transformative process of painting is meant to awake your inner wisdom. Through this process you express what you carry inside, in your heart, you paint your life, things you love, things you dream about, things you are afraid of or those you want to heal. The only inspiration is your inner self. This way we may practice new ways to act, overcoming our limits. You may paint sorrow and transform it into joy. You learn how to be open for changes in life, as life is about change. ~ Curt Källman 

Vedic Art is an intuitive painting method, that allows you to connect with your heart and let your inner world manifest on an empty canvas. You don't need any previous experience or artistic ability to benefit - the process of connecting with your creativity is stimulated by 17 principles that work on a deep subconscious level and let your inner artist come out. 

Workshops are open to all who are interested in self-development through creative expression and looking for a change in their life. Whether or not you have previous experience in painting does not make any difference. Vedic Art is suitable for professionals artist, as well as amateurs, as a new way of living up to your fullest potential.

The course is for you if:
- You are feeling stuck with your life and looking for a change
- You want to develop your consciousness and awaken your creativity 
- You want to find a new way for artistic expression with no limits    or rules 
- You are having trouble verbally expressing yourself
- You want to fully discover your potential and feel more confident  about yourself and your capabilities
- You would like to become more creative, spontaneous, and intuitive  in every part of your life
- Or simply, you enjoy painting and want to have a good time
Vedic Art course requires approx 30h to be completed and is rewarded with a Vedic Art 1st Degree Certificate.

Note: Oils dry long, so we don'trecommend using them for workshops.

Preparation for the workshops:

You will need:
- pencil, crayons and sketch book
- 8-10 canvases (different sizes)
- acrylic paints
(colours you love and definitely
white and black paint)

- brushes (different sizes)
- materials to create texture
(glitter, beads, rice,
anything you can find in nature)

- appropriate clothes which you
don't mind getting dirty