About the artist

Asia Prusinowska - a visual artist, conceptual fashion designer, and intuitive painter who create to heal, to express herself, communicate and tell stories.
She specialises in fibre art, from abstract forms, mandalas to wearable art.
The creative process is her form of active meditation, also a tool of self discovery, personal development, transformation and a vehicle for healing. 
The philosophy of her practice is based on colour, texture, intuition, emotions,
transpersonal psychology, and spirituality.
Asia is also qualified Creative Arts Therapist, Chakra Dancing Facilitator,
Extracompetitive Vedic Art Teacher, Reiki Healer and Yoga Instructor.
Her interests lie in the relationship between the creativity,
body, movement, dance, music, mental health and a healing process,
She is interested in expressive arts therapies, yoga,
meditation, holistic health, and philosophy of mind.
She strongly believes in artistic expression as a non-verbal
language that helps individuals communicate at a deeper level.

" When words are not enough, we turn to colours, images and
symbols to tell our stories and in telling the stories through art,
we find pathway to wellness, recovery and transformation.
My vision is that everyone can achieve their potential
if they engage with their inner-self.
I am aiming to promote positive change in individuals
and communities through creative participation."



About the brand

Pasya has been designed to promote health and wellbeing, 

inspired by the Seven Chakras and based on the therapeutic values and healing power of colours.
All creations are fully made by hand with intention of love and infused with the healing energy for balancing and supporting higher vibration within
you and in your environment. 
Hand-crafted by Asia to the highest standard with perfectionism, attention to detail and
healing properties of colours.

Pasya offers bespoke service for healing artwork:

intuitive paintings, fibre mandalas and accessories.


Creative Healing Space

Creative Healing Space offers a wide variety of experiences to promote self-expression, health transformation, personal growth, and connection. 
The place has been dedicated to holistic healing and wellness, also promotion and intergration of the arts wherever possible.


Asia runs creative arts workshops around Europe on request, regular Chakra Dancing classes and other healing workshops in Poland, moreover she offers one to one sessions at her hometown Gdansk or via skype.

Based on the clients comfort and needs, a healing session is designed that may include one or several of the following healing therapies:


  • creative arts therapy (for instance: visual art, mandala, mandorla, art journaling, textile art)

  • guided visualizations, meditation and relaxation

  • chakra dancing

  • vedic art

  • mindfullness

  • healing music and chants

  • compassionate listening

  • aromatherapy

  • chromatherapy

  • energy work

  • yoga


These sessions will optimize your body, renew your mind and ignite your spirit while restoring vitality and vibrancy to your life.  


 Education and Qualifications


  • Green Yoga International - 200h Yoga Teacher Training in Ashram Mallorca

  • Aerial Yoga Instructor Training
    Bhakti Shala, Poland

  • Animal Kids Yoga - Instructor Training

  • Choreotherapy - Movement and Dance Therapy - ISKRA Poland

  • Art Therapy with Children and Adolescents - ISKRA Poland

  • Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation Diploma, Brighton, UK

  • Creative Arts Therapy, PTUK Training

  • Vedic Art Teacher, Oland, Sweden 

  • PostGraduate Certificate in Fine Art,
    Anglia Ruskin University

  • 1st Class Hons Degree in Fashion Design - Cambridge School Of Art,
    Anglia Ruskin University

  • Higher Diploma in Child Nursing - Medical Collage in Poland

  • Diploma in Colour Therapy -
    Centre Of Excellence

  • Mindfullness Training -
    Impington Village College

  • 1st Degree in Usui System of Natural Healing - Reiki Prime Therapy

  • 2nd Degree in Reiki
    Kinga Roberts - Reiki Great Master